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Food Intolerance & Allergy Testing

Bio Electro-Regulator Non-Invasive Method

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Food Intolerance & Allergy – Bio Electro-Regulator Non-Invasive Testing

Many chronic symptoms of ill health and even the inability to lose weight can be the result of over sensitivity of food or environmental factors. Adjusting diet can greatly relieve symptoms. Over consumption or prolonged exposure to a substance, and nutritional deficiencies, can all lead to sensitivities.

dearPHARMACIST has practitioners in-store that are experienced in testing for allergies and deficiencies. dearPHARMACIST will work with these practitioners to advise you on how to overcome your sensitivities and correcting any deficiencies.

The testing can also aid detection of signs of dysfunction, congestion and insufficiency of organs & the endocrine system.

Issues that have been helped are:

•    Skin problems
•    Digestive disturbances
•    Mood swings
•    Stress, anxiety and depression
•    Headaches & Migraines
•    Aches & Pains
•    Tiredness
•    Hyperactivity
•    PMS & Hormonal Balance
•    Menopause
•    Healthy weight
•    And much more

Contact dearPHARMACIST for more information

Once booked, please submit the form below before your test.

Dates available in-store (2016):

9th January (Saturday), 20th January (Wednesday), 3rd February (Wednesday), 5th March (Saturday), 16th March (Wednesday), 26th March (Saturday), 6th April  (Wednesday), 16th April (Saturday), 27th April (Wednesday), 7th May (Saturday), 18th May (Wednesday), 28th May (Saturday), 8th June (Wednesday), 18th June (Saturday), 29th June (Wednesday), 16th July (Saturday), 27th July (Wednesday), 6th August (Saturday), 17th August (Wednesday), 27th August (Saturday), 7th September (Wednesday), 17th September (Saturday), 28th September (Wednesday), 8th October (Saturday), 19th October (Wednesday), 29th October (Saturday), 9th November (Wednesday), 19th November (Saturday), 30th November (Wednesday), 10th December (Saturday), 21st December (Wednesday)

If you would like to book in, please ring us on 01474 534 771, or click here for an on-line contact form.

Remember you can always visit dearPHARMACIST at:

Regent Pharmacy, 19 Windmill Street, Gravesend, Kent DA12 1AS

Come and meet dearPHARMACIST today.

Once you book your appointment, please fill in the form below before your test.

If you cant view the form below click here to open it on a seperate window. 

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